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Chestnut SuperGlue - Cyanoacrylate. Available in Thick, Medium and Thin and 20g and 50g Bottles.


When you want to bond two surfaces together quickly and efficiently there’s nothing much that beats a cyanoacrylate superglue. Chestnut Products’

CA Superglues come in three viscosities:

1. Thin – very low viscosity for capillary action when you want the glue to penetrate deep into small cracks. Can also be used to post-assembly to wick into parts.

2. Medium – for general purpose use, stays where you put it! Takes up to 20 seconds to dry giving  you enough time to line everything up. Good for fairly smooth surfaces.

3. Thick – for gap filling where you want to seal a crack in your timber, mixed with sawdust if you want. Slower drying, up to 60 seconds when applied thickly.