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Rough Turned Blanks

We dont believe these big bowl blanks are available anywhere else. From 10 inch to 20+ inch diameters these blanks have been roughed out and seasoned for minimum 3 years and will make some fantastic centrepiece bowls.

Only a few are listed at any time so please get in touch if you dont see what you are looking for.

We have literally 1000,s in stock to select from all turned locally.

For each bowl the images and visual description/opinion is for the bowl you will actually receive. Any flaws defects that are noticed are mentioned, however some can be missed and others appear while turning, which we cannot be responsible for.

These bowls are for those experienced in turning large bowls and have the machinery to do so.  Turning large bowls can be dangerous and we are not responsible for any damage or injury caused whatsoever when turning these blanks and they are sold on that basis.